Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution Is Crucial To Maintaining Good Relationships.

Events ALWAYS Go Exactly as Planned, Right??

Have you ever worked on an event where nothing unexpected popped up, and everything went according to plan? Nope! This is part of what makes the industry exciting, right?

And maybe it’s one of the reasons Event Professionals consistently rate in the top 10 most stressful jobs.

Usually, whatever challenges that come up are quickly resolved. Sometimes the challenges are big enough to impact the attendee experience or the budget in a material way. Sometimes it's both.

That’s when things start getting tricky. When money or reputation is on the line, how do you find a fair resolution without damaging important relationships or incurring costly legal bills?

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I’ve negotiated many settlements when things went wrong.

Like the time when a client didn’t want to pay the event agency because, according to him, the agency didn’t “execute the event flawlessly.” When I asked him to describe flawless execution, he couldn’t. I was able to facilitate a resolution and the agency was paid their fee.

Or the time the learning lab was unavailable for the majority of a training conference. I was able to help both sides determine the root causes of the failure and arrive at a fair settlement.

We shake hands once and hug forever more. 

I used to tell my manager, “The good news is, Events are a relationship business. The bad news is, Events are a relationship business.” 

This is especially true today.  

It’s why I took a 40-hour course on Facilitated Mediation so I can help both parties work toward a satisfactory resolution to preserve the relationship and avoid costly legal action. 

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How does it work?

Facilitated Mediation follows a structured process that allows the parties in conflict to reach a mutual agreement for a solution.

The process requires active engagement on both sides, and the outcome is determined by the parties (not the mediator). Each party has an opportunity to provide a summary of the issue(s) from their point of view. 

Once this is complete, the process becomes future-oriented. The focus shifts toward identifying issues and underlying interests to create a solution through a written agreement.

Because the process is future-oriented, a strong focus is placed on maintaining and improving the relationships that are so important to our industry. 

With my real-life experience to back up my training, I’m uniquely positioned to help you through your next challenging conversation.

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