Strategic Event Procurement

Let’s take the pain out of procurement for events.

Streamline your business processes, reduce risk, and manage cost so you can focus on your Zone of Genius - delivering amazing event experiences.

And, leave the “un-fun” tasks to me.

You have plenty on your plate to worry about. You don’t need to add Requests for Proposals (RFPs) or contracting and payment woes to your list.

I’m passionate about event procurement, and it shows. Let me take away your headache. I’ll help you manage the things you don’t want to do or have time to do.

Need advice about Event Procurement? 

I've got you!

Does this sound familiar?

Are you an event organizer who has

  • worried about losing a venue because you couldn’t get your contract reviewed in time?

  • gotten a big bill for cancellation or attrition damages?

  • been told you need an RFP to hire a new supplier and don’t know where to start?

Do you own or work in an event agency and

  • are dreading an upcoming rate card negotiation?

  • need help putting your best foot forward on an RFP?

  • would benefit from a Procurement expert sitting on your side of the table?

These situations can be so frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Procurement Strategy should focus on business outcomes, not necessarily savings metrics, especially regarding events. Events work at the speed of business, and Procurement needs to keep up!

Some Client Love 🖤

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“Therese helped my team navigate and articulate our company’s value proposition for a Fortune 50 procurement team. In this case, procurement needed a better understanding of our fees, and we were able to provide a succinct analysis successfully. Therese has a depth of experience that is unmatched when it comes to steering companies through what can sometimes be a procurement process minefield. I trust her explicitly because of this but also because she cares deeply about her clients and the event and hospitality industry.”


Stewart Transportation Solutions

Diverse group of adults conversing and networking at a strategic event procurement, some holding drinks.

Ordinary procurement processes don’t work for events. You get that. Now let’s do something about it.

Here are some ways I help:

  • Bridging the gaps between Event Marketers, their procurement team and event agencies
  • Contracting and negotiation strategies
  • Writing and managing effective RFPs for event organizers
  • Advising event agencies and suppliers on Responding to RFPs so they have a better chance at winning business

Wanna know the strategies used to save over $250 million in events at Microsoft?

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Strategic Event Procurement helps you build a procurement strategy that works for your events.

Procurement Support for your Event Portfolio

Manage your event portfolio more effectively.

Help for Event Agencies & Suppliers

Grow your book of business with a Procurement Insider View.​

Conflict Resolution


Events come with challenges; you get support to resolve them. 


Take advantage of a free 30-minute consultation to get to know each other.

More Client Love 🖤

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“Therese is an expert in her craft. Her business and finance acumen, combined with her deep understanding of events, provides her the ability to create and develop procurement processes to support the event planning lifecycle. She has in-depth, practical knowledge and experience that she applies to every interaction. She is also able to foresee potential issues and works to reach a solution that is fair for all parties.”

Carrie Hanley

Opus Agency

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